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Fish farming is an ancient industry that has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years. Huge global demand for seafood has made fish farming, or aquaculture, the world’s fastest-growing food industry. Nearly half of all seafood is farmed, and that number is rising every year.

Gulf States Aquaculture is an innovative aquaculture company farm raising Royal Redfish Red Drum (Sciaenops Ocellatus) in Palacios, Texas. Our farm is the only farm in Palacios that is actually seaside for direct access to the Fresh Gulf Waters. We are also monitored by TCEQ

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Gulf States Aquaculture is renowned for its exceptional Royal Redfish fingerlings, bred and raised to perfection. These fingerlings, meticulously cultivated in state-of-the-art facilities, exhibit remarkable qualities that make them highly sought after in the aquaculture industry. With their vibrant golden reddish sheen, sleek bodies, and robust health, these Royal Redfish fingerlings showcase the commitment to quality and sustainability practiced by Gulf States Aquaculture. The farm’s expert team carefully monitors every aspect of their growth, ensuring optimal nutrition, water quality, and environmental conditions. As a result, the redfish fingerlings from Gulf States Aquaculture possess superior genetics, resilience, and growth potential, making them ideal for stocking in commercial aquaculture operations. By providing top-notch fingerlings, Gulf States Aquaculture plays a vital role in supporting the sustainable growth and development of the aquaculture industry while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.


Gulf States Aquaculture employs a comprehensive and meticulous approach to growing Royal Redfish, ensuring their healthy development and superior quality. The process begins with carefully selected broodstock, which possesses desirable traits such as robust health, growth potential, and genetic diversity. These broodstock are housed in well-maintained facilities with controlled environments, allowing optimal breeding conditions. Once the eggs are laid and fertilized, they are carefully monitored, and the resulting larvae are nurtured in specialized larval-rearing systems. The hatchery team manages water quality, temperature, and feeding regimes to promote healthy growth and development. As the fingerlings grow, they are gradually transitioned to larger tanks or outdoor ponds, where they continue to receive exceptional care and nutrition. Gulf States Aquaculture prioritizes sustainable farming practices, ensuring that the fish are raised in an environmentally responsible manner. By combining expertise, advanced technology, and a commitment to quality, Gulf States Aquaculture consistently produces Royal Redfish of exceptional quality, ready to thrive in commercial aquaculture operations.

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The harvesting process at Gulf States Aquaculture is meticulously executed to ensure the highest standards of fish quality and welfare. When the Royal Redfish reach their desired size and maturity, a team of skilled professionals carefully selects the fish for harvest. The fish are gently and responsibly gathered from the tanks or ponds using specialized equipment to minimize stress and avoid injury. Handling protocols are strictly followed to maintain the well-being of the fish throughout the process. The harvested fish are immediately transported to the on-site processing facility, where they undergo rigorous quality control measures. Trained staff employ efficient and hygienic techniques to clean, gut, and package the fish, preserving their freshness and flavor. Gulf States Aquaculture takes pride in their commitment to sustainability, ensuring that any waste generated during the process is properly managed and disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. By upholding stringent harvesting practices, Gulf States Aquaculture delivers fish of exceptional quality, meeting the highest standards of taste, texture, and overall market demands.

Our Distribution


Gulf States Aquaculture has established a well-organized and efficient distribution system to deliver their high-quality Royal Redfish to customers. Once the fish have been harvested, processed, and packaged, Gulf States Aquaculture employs reliable logistics partners to ensure timely and safe delivery. The fish are carefully packed in temperature-controlled containers to maintain their freshness and integrity during transportation. These containers are then transported via refrigerated trucks or air cargo, depending on the destination and customer requirements. Gulf States Aquaculture works closely with its distribution partners to optimize delivery routes and schedules, minimizing transit times and maximizing the quality of the fish upon arrival. The company takes pride in providing excellent customer service, ensuring that orders are accurately fulfilled and delivered to various markets, including restaurants, seafood wholesalers, and retail outlets. By prioritizing efficient and reliable distribution, Gulf States Aquaculture ensures that their premium fish reaches customers promptly, maintaining its exceptional taste and texture from farm to plate.

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Gulf States Aquaculture takes great pride in supplying top-quality Royal Redfish to restaurants, establishing strong partnerships within the culinary industry. Recognizing the unique needs of restaurants, Gulf States Aquaculture offers a diverse selection of freshly harvested fish, tailored to suit the culinary preferences and menu requirements of each establishment. The company works closely with chefs and restaurant owners, providing personalized consultation and assistance to ensure the right fish choices are made. Gulf States Aquaculture’s commitment to sustainable and responsible farming practices resonates with restaurants seeking high-quality, ethically sourced seafood. By delivering fish that is consistently fresh, flavorful, and of superior quality, Gulf States Aquaculture helps chefs create extraordinary dining experiences for their patrons. Whether it’s a fine dining establishment or a bustling seafood eatery, Gulf States Aquaculture’s dedication to excellence ensures that restaurants can serve their customers with confidence and satisfaction, while promoting sustainable aquaculture practices within the culinary industry.

Grocery Markets

Gulf States Aquaculture recognizes the importance of providing fresh and high-quality Royal Redfish to grocery markets, catering to the demands of discerning customers who value sustainable and locally sourced products. Through strategic partnerships with grocery chains and independent markets, Gulf States Aquaculture ensures that their premium fish Royal Redfish is readily available to consumers seeking exceptional seafood options. The company employs efficient distribution networks and reliable logistics to deliver their fish to grocery markets in a timely manner, preserving its freshness and flavor. Gulf States Aquaculture’s commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices resonates with environmentally conscious consumers who prioritize responsibly sourced seafood. By delivering their fish to grocery markets, Gulf States Aquaculture allows customers to enjoy a diverse range of options, from whole fish to fillets, with the confidence that they are selecting products of exceptional quality and ethical origins. The company’s dedication to transparency and reliability fosters trust among grocery markets and consumers alike, making Gulf States Aquaculture a preferred supplier of premium fish in the retail sector.